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Lan Banks™ choses quality over quantity, purity above mass-production. That’s why we offer only two designs. Square Cut: The original Lan Banks™ brief, skin-tight styled stitching that puts up with regular movement and fast-paced living. Long Cut: Even more protection offered, the same brief with additional length to shield from bad weather and extreme lifestyles.

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Lan Banks™ is the brainchild of entrepreneur and sports enthusiast Olanrewaju Irawo. He had mastered a professional jet-setting lifestyle amidst regular sessions of running and boxing. He worked hard and played hard. During one of thousands of board meetings Olanrewaju shared his discomfort with a close friend and colleague. His briefs just couldn’t keep up with his lifestyle, he was buying new pairs in airports much too often. He was surprised to hear his colleague sympathize with his situation as he had been dealing with the exact same problems. Other members of the meeting opened up about the same problem, it was in that moment Olanrewaju had a game-changing idea.

Olanrewaju began researching the most ambitious and exciting project of his career. His goal was to make briefs for men that could handle anything life threw at them. From contact sports to long periods sat in meetings with poor air conditioning, these briefs would never disappoint. He began traveling the world sourcing the softest materials available and stitching technology creating seamless bonds that would guarantee the wearer zero itching. After meeting with hundreds of artisans and experts Lan Banks™ was formed. It now offers the most comfortable underwear for men available in the world. Join an army that destroys discomfort daily. Wear the Square Cut for a sleek look with quick movement. Or don the Long Cut when you need even more protection for those that live an exciting life. Lan Banks™, we’ve got you covered.