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LANBANKS™ Apparel. Designed in Chicago IL.

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    Launch date December 1st

    Welcome to the exclusive MOB Collection Pre-Order Page by Lan Banks Apparel, where the spirit of urban life intertwines with the artistry of fashion. Submerge yourself in the harmonious synergy of deeply connected designs that reflect the vibrancy and energy of the contemporary cityscape.

    The MOB Collection encapsulates the essence of metropolitan living, masterfully fusing elements of movement, transportation, and urban architecture. Showcasing striking geometric patterns, traffic-inspired terminology, and transportation graphics, each piece becomes a visual tribute to the ever-changing urban environment.

    Lan Banks Apparel is proud to present a limited release of 500 pieces per size, ranging from S to XXL, for each design in the MOB Collection. Be among the first to own a piece of this alluring collection by pre-ordering today. Experience the perfect marriage of style and function, tailored for those who seek both in their wardrobe.

    As you navigate our MOB Collection Pre-Order Page, immerse yourself in the profound connection between fashion and the dynamic metropolitan atmosphere, creating a cohesive and meaningful experience. Secure your exclusive piece of the MOB Collection today, and become an integral part of the future of urban fashion.

    Mob Collection

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