Summertime is a time for beaches, barbecues, and good times spent with loved ones. However, for a lot of men, summertime is also a time for sweat — especially in the nether regions.

Underwear sweat plagues most men at some point in their lives and in addition to causing discomfort, it can also lead to increased bacteria and fungus, which in turn can cause infections and other health problems.

In this blog, we discuss the best methods you can use to keep your underwear cool and dry no matter what time of year it is.

How Your Dad Dealt (or Didn’t Deal) With Underwear Sweat
Men have been living with underwear sweat for generations. Until recently, talking about sweat and discomfort down there was considered taboo and as such, our fathers and our fathers’ fathers weren’t armed with the same information we are today or the technology to create a more comfortable, sweat-resistant underwear, such as Lan Banks briefs.

While the exact underwear we choose can go a long way in preventing excessive sweat, there are several other ways you can combat this embarrassing issue.

Method #1: Start the Day With Powder
Baby powder isn’t just for babies. It’s a great way for men (and women) to prevent dampness down there during the day. Make baby powder part of your morning routine. Add a light dusting directly to your sweatiest areas to prevent underwear sweat throughout the day. If baby powder isn’t your thing, shop around for men’s body powder.

Pro Tip: ↓
Talc has been known to contain asbestos and to increase the risk of some cancers. Try to use a baby or ball powder formula that’s talc-free.

Method #2: Don’t Go Too Loose
Wearing breathable underwear is important, but underwear that’s too loose might cause your thighs to rub and your testicles to stick to your legs, resulting in a serious increase in underwear sweat. It goes without saying that chafed or sticky thighs and testicles are uncomfortable but it’s important to note that excessive heat and sweat down there can result in plenty of health problems, including skin infections, jock itch, and reduced semen quality.

Pro Tip: ↓
Instead of opting for loose boxers, find a comfortable square cut brief that’s flexible, soft, and fitted to your body to prevent excessive sweating.

Method #3: Treat Food as an Ally
If underwear sweat is a problem for you, avoiding or reducing consumption of foods that are known to activate your sweat glands can go a long way in preventing it.

Foods that tend to have an effect on your sweat levels include hot peppers, garlic, alcohol, coffee, and even some processed foods, such as refined carbohydrates and fast foods. By sticking to a healthy diet most of the time, you should see some reduction in the amount of sweat in your underwear, as well as other body parts.

Pro Tip: ↓
If you find that some foods cause excessive sweat to drip from your pores, it may be a good idea to mention it to your doctor to ensure there aren’t allergies or other underlying issues.

Method #4: Consider Trimming the Hedges (Seriously)
For some men, an excess of body hair around their underwear area keeps areas unnecessarily damp. As an added negative, long hair down there traps bacteria against your skin and could cause additional odor and potential rashes.

The simplest solution is to purchase a handy pair of scissors and trim periodically. Don’t use the desk ones though – opt for a pair of pet grooming scissors, which feature a rounded safety tip for added protection.

Pro Tip: ↓
If you have disposable income, waxing and laser treatments also take care of this issue for good.

Method #5: Avoid Cotton on Hot Days
While cotton is a great natural fiber that’s used in a broad range of clothing and other textiles, it’s not the most breathable underwear material for hot summer days.

Instead of wicking away sweat and moisture, cotton’s high absorbency means that sweat tends to stay put and leads to damp, uncomfortable underwear.

Pro Tip: ↓
Opt for lighter, moisture-wicking fabrics for your underwear to keep yourself cool, dry, and comfortable.

Prevent Underwear Sweat and Discomfort With Lan Banks
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